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Take it in a different direction


First, read the interesting post on Glee from Liz Ellcessor here.

When I wrote a few weeks ago that I had given up on Glee I should have been more clear that I was going to continue to watch it (at least through the mid season break), but that I had given up on the possibility that it could be the great show I thought and hoped it could be. Last night’s episode was encouraging. This was largely due to the fact that Terri and Emma were completely absent. The episode had that “after school” special feeling like the Single Ladies episode had, but it works because it keeps the focus on the club and the kids. That’s where the interesting stories are. Maybe they’ll continue on this track and surprise me by revealing the big pregnancy lie and moving on sooner rather than later.

It was nice to see Sue have some depth and for Will to have his smarmy self-righteousness put in a check a little.

Kurt’s relationship with his father was refreshing. Artie’s and Tina’s flirtation was sweet and the twist that Tina’s stutter is fake could make for some interesting interactions later.

I’m not getting my hopes up though. I can see from the preview that Terri and Emma are back next week and Rachel retakes centerstage.