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The Amazing Race season 15 isn’t.


I’ve been an avid watcher of The Amazing Race for a few years now, and I’ve generally enjoyed it most of the time. But this season I’ve been disappointed with it.

First irritation came before the race even started when the cast was revealed and there was only 1 all female team and 4 all male teams. What, aren’t there enough interesting all female submissions that the producers couldn’t even find one more to add to the cast?

Second, while there is usually only one team comprised of truly awful people, this season’s cast is full of them.

There’s been lots of instances of men berating and disrespecting their female partners. Culminating in the last week’s debacle at the top of 6-story high waterslide. Canaan (seriously, his name is Canaan?) claims here that what he did to Mika was not abusive. He was just being competitive! I mean wouldn’t you just push her too?

Enough with all the masculine posturing by Flight Time and Big Easy. We get it. You’re dudes.  You don’t have to chest bump each episode.

And this week there was the loss of the one all female team to what appeared to me to be an unfair challenge. Why was the test your strength bell placed before the dancing? It made no sense. Do the Dutch usually engage in testing their strength before performing traditional folk dances and eating herring? Tiffany and Maria talk about their exeperiences here. I thought the editing choice that made it seem that the men all completed the task on the first try, when they didn’t, compared to the “let’s laugh at the weak women” counter that showed up periodically while they tried to complete the task was even more telling that the task was not very well planned.

With 6 teams left, I’m rooting for the father/son duo at this point or the Barbie and Ken. They’re competitive without being obnoxious and interesting enough to watch.