Battlestar Galactica – “No Exit”


I really should watch this episode again before writing this up, but I really just want to try and get my initial thoughts out before roaming around and seeing what others have to say.

Last night’s was an information dump. I generally dislike it when an episode has too much exposition, but it feels a little like the writers are now rushing to get all of the BIG QUESTIONS answered while trying to 1. establish some consistency between the pre-final five stuff and post-final five stuff (i.e. wtf? how on earth is Tigh a Cylon?!), and 2. have a satisfying and emotional ending to the whole thing. So, even though there was a little too much exposition, I thought it was handled in plausible way; the conversation between Ellen and Cavil/John makes sense within the context of her death and subsequent resurrection and intercutting this with Anders’ memory jog (thank you mutiny bullet) worked for me and wasn’t too distracting.

I’ve been tossing around two pet theories about the series for quite some time and both of them seem even more plausible in light of the new information. First, I’ve always thought that in the end it would be revealed that there has never really been all that much difference between the humans and the Cylons and that they are really one in the same. I really need to re-watch the episode again before I can explain this better. And second, that Starbuck is the first hybrid (she was glowing OMG is she a Cylon too?). I had thought that once Tigh “came out” as a Cylon that perhaps he “knew” Kara’s mother. It would make a lot of sense given their history of personality conflicts and that result from their similarities (hard drinking, poor impulse control, issues with SOs, but also fierce loyalty). I still think she’s the first hybrid, but now I think she may have something to do with Daniel/#7 instead, but would nevertheless love it way more if Tigh ended up being her dad.

I appreciated Tigh’s comment that if you go back far enough you could blame everything on a single-celled bacteria for originally splitting into two. It works back so nicely to a core theme that goes all the way back to the miniseries, that sooner or later you have to take responsibility for your actions and the ramifications those actions have. When the world ends, all that’s really left to do is to create a new one and that’s what the series is about – for me – at it’s heart. Shameless plug, but I’m working on an essay that is about this very thing – it should be out late this year or early next year.

The progression of the human models from Cavil to Boomer appears to place the models on a continuum between very machinelike on one end to mostly human on the other end, making for two serious cases of identity crisis. Cavil spends most of his time yelling at Ellen for making him too human, whereas Boomer – whose programming is “too human” (see Athena’s defection) – seems to want a greater connection to her machine side which she has looked for in her connection with Cavil. I am very intrigued by this “artist” #7. Will he be unboxed and if he is will we recognize him?

-Side note- more Xenalon please. I miss her. Thx.

Chief – who for a while was aggravating me – has become interesting and likeable again. He finally seems secure in who he is after spending so long having no idea. Watch the Cylonctica become a hybrid. See the differences between human and Cylon melt away. The dying ship is also a nice analogue to Laura’s impending end and her previous hybridity from when she used Hera’s blood to keep her alive. The two loves of Adama’s life are slipping away from him. The ending of this series will be heart wrenching methinks for the characters and fans alike.

I know there’s more I want to parse out, but it will have to wait for another entry. Next up, thoughts on the Dollhouse pilot.


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